Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo DOC

We like to experiment and that always encourages us to view different perspectives of the vines we cultivate, to try and grasp nuances we have yet to explore. We were fascinated by the idea of working with Montepulciano grapes to make a more complex version of Cerasuolo.
In 2020, after a several years of research with microvinification of grapes from a number of our own vineyards, we bottled Notàri Cerasuolo for the first time.

Tipo: Rosa
Denominazione: Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo DOC
Area: Abruzzo-Teramo


Altitude: 250-300m asl
Aspecting: East
Type of Soil: Medium-textured limestone and clay
Training System: Abruzzo pergola
Density: 1,200 vines/h
Vineyard Age: > 45 years
Average Yield: 60,000 kg/h
Harvest Time: Late September; first week of October
Winemaking Method: Harvest takes place in two periods: the first, in late September, picks grapes in the lower area which have higher acidity and fresher, more aromatic notes; the second, in mid-October, collects the fruit in the higher part of the vineyard, which is riper, so richer in colour and body. Each harvest has its own maceration and fermentation process. The grapes from the higher area, only partially de-stemmed and crushed, undergo the saignée method and start fermentation. After 24 hours, the free-run must is decanted and set aside to continue off-the-skins fermentation. In this way, there is good extraction of characteristic colour and structure, and the spicy, toasty sensations derived from the tiny amount of well-ripened stems left in the juice at the start of maceration. For the grapes from the lower area, which bring acidity and fruitiness, we perform short cold maceration, then pressing, before proceeding to off-the-skins fermentation. Both musts ferment spontaneously thanks to ambient yeasts.
At the end of fermentation, the two batches are blended.
Ageing: 4 months in steel tanks with regular stirring of fine lees.
Bottle Ageing: 2 months
Production: 2,500 750ml bottles
Sensory Profile: Bright cherry pink. The nose shows full, stylish fruitiness with notes of cherry, pomegranate and raspberry, embellished with spicy and balsamic hints. The intense mouth unfolds with red berries, minty touches given by the saignée method, with a hint of well-ripened stems. Excellent acid backbone and long, lingering flavour with tanginess in perfect harmony with the velvet texture.
Pairings: Cured meats, vegetarian dishes and legume soups, white meats, grilled meats and medium-ripe cheese.
Serving Temperature: 12°-14°C