the people

What are these two up to?

The folks who saw us turn up at the winery gates one spring day, about fifteen years ago, must have wondered what we were doing. We’d always lived in the city and country life was about long summers running around the vineyards. But life had taken an unexpected turn and placed the winemaking business firmly on our shoulders. We’d grown up among the vines and their story was our story, far more than we had realized up until then. We didn’t say much. We just took one look around and got to work.

Falling in love with the land, just like that.

What did we know of vines and olive groves? When you’re in the thick of it, though, you start to fall in love with this job and its fruits. The bottom line is that the falling in love with it is inevitable: it happened to our grandfather Ezio, a potter from Castelli, with this land, which was part of our grandmother’s dowry; and to our father Bruno, who dreamed of turning it into a modern winery back in the 1970s, leaving Rome and his job there. The story of the winery is the story of a family and of venerable tradition.

About us

A brother and sister who took over the business in 2000. They each took on the tasks they found best suited to their respective characters. Elena is more versatile and likes to deal with new challenges, so she preferred to work in sales, taking her around the world, where the company exports 80% of its products. At the winery, she also works with a young, dynamic team, overseeing every step of the production cycle. Alessandro needs to have everything at his fingertips so he spends most of his time at his desk, where he mainly manages administrative aspects. He’s always in the front line, troubleshooting, and the first port of call for winery staff.

the land

The vines decide what happens in the cellar.

Our estate is not just the land but also its climate, the distance of the place from the sea. Specific to us and only to us. Nature is fragile yet determined and makes its voice heard. And precisely because we believe ourselves to be country folk, we’ve learned to respect the land. We abide by all the rules that organic farming demands, leaving wild grasses to grow around the rows, oxygenating and enriching the soil.

Respect for the land and biodiversity.

We believe in biodiversity and even our new vines are selected from our heirloom cultivars, because something that was good in the past can play a role in the future. Respect for the environment means not weighing too heavily on its resources, so we opt for renewable energy and today’s winery runs on solar power.

The place

Fattoria Nicodemi is in Notaresco, in the heart of the Colline Teramane zone. The hilly estate covers a single plot of 38 hectares, of which 30 are under vine. The land, at about 300 metres in altitude, is aspected to the south east, with Mount Gran Sasso watching its back, and the sea at about 10 kilometres, ruffling the air with cool breezes in summer. The vines here are planted in rich clay and limestone soils that give the wines the character the Nicodemis seek, benefiting from healthy day-night temperature ranges, and ventilation for ripening fruit. For the same reasons we work with organic practices, so we use no chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers on our vines, preferring spontaneous grassing in the rows. In the same spirit, the new vineyards are planted with a mass selection taken from our heirloom vines.

the wine

Expert hands for raw materials.

Without human intervention, raw material will never become a product. Working with the fruits of the field and making them unique with our own personal interpretation, like a sculptor who finds the soul in a marble slab. With careful actions, respectful of the grapes, our experience helps us turn them into wine without pushing too hard, and just a gentle helping hand, for results withstand the test of time.

Making room for the essential.

Making wine is a painstaking task that requires tradition to be respected and innovation to be implemented fast. We’re delighted that our wines are proud voices of the terroir where they are made. So why not shed all those cellar processes imposed by tastes and trends? The real challenge is to recover the authenticity and the essence of the fruits of the field. Just Montepulciano and Trebbiano, and their character. Less is more.

About the wine

Each year we produce 200,000 bottles using only grapes from our own estate. And only native varieties of Montepulciano and Trebbiano, which we use for the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Colline Teramane DOCG and Trebbiano d’Abruzzo DOC designations. Today, the cardinal rule is to ensure the terroir is to the fore and human action is simply added value. If you let yourself be guided by Nature, wine becomes the mirror of the land and of the soul of its maker. The fundamental truth is that wine is – indeed must be – the expression of the land, vine and culture.

the concept

Our destiny is to pursue the perfect wave.

Fortunately, our job means we’re eternally dissatisfied. So every year we seek the perfect vintage, like surfers and waves. But the perfect wine will always be next time around and every year our gestures repeat a story experienced many times over and never the same: expectations grow as the first leaves appear, when the clusters ripen, when we taste the wine from the barrel, hoping it will be what we have in mind. The great ideal that accompanies us, the most magical and fascinating aspect of making wine: relishing the contrast between the quality sought and that perceived.

Back to the future.

We started out with grandma’s farm yesterday and we arrived at today’s winery, mindful that our “winegrowing” and “winemaking” art is a fusion of opposites: past and present. Because we know that wine is a continuing challenge in the quest for character and identity. And Nicodemi’s new branding embodies our entire story, what has been and what will be.

Our consumers

These wines certainly appeal to the curious consumer. If you drink Nicodemi wines, you’re seeking the identity of a product tied to its homeland, you’re looking for wines with character, with a tale to tell. That’s why Nicodemi wines are forging ahead even in far-off countries with consumers who enjoy a bottle of Colline Teramane wine.