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Extra Virgin

Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is another passionate commitment for our family, applying experience and innovation, venerable rules and modern technologies.

We tend 3,500 olive trees aged from 20 to 40 years, in groves of typical local varieties: Frantoio, Maurino and Carboncella, as well as Leccino, the prince of olive cultivars in many regions of central Italy.


AREA: Abruzzo, Teramo hills

VARIETIES: Leccino 50%, Frantoio 20%, Maurino 15%, Carboncella 15%


ALTITUDE: 250-300 metres

SOILS: Medium-textured limestone and clay

TREE SPACING: 6×6 metres

PRUNING METHOD: open centre

AGE: 20–40 years

YIELD: 12–14 litres of EVOO per 100kg olives

HARVEST TIME: Second ten days in October

EXTRACTION: Olives are processed within 8–10 hours of picking, at a modern, continuous-cycle mill that uses a blade crusher, vacuum malaxer, dual-stage decanting (without added water). The olives are cold pressed at 24 °C.

AMOUNT PRODUCED: Varies each year, but on average 4,000 half-litre bottles

STORAGE: In small steel tanks

SENSORY PROFILE: Medium fruity flavour, with a limpid, green-gold hue. The nose is fruity and well balanced, with distinctive herb notes. The palate is bitter and pungent, restrained and balanced.

PAIRINGS: A food-flexible EVO. Tasty on warm or hot bread. Excellent to enhance pasta, rice and pulse soups. Perfect on seafood salads, grilled fish, meat tartare, vegetable salads.


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